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Listography: Top 5 wishes for my child

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Kate from Kate Takes 5 has picked a good topic this week. I think about this all the time for both my daughter and son. I probably think more about it for my daughter as she is very sensitive and has already been bullied at school. The world (or the people in it) can be ruthless and sometimes I think she'll get eaten up alive.

All I hope for my son is that he is kind to people, kind to women, is always faithful, ambitious, a good provider, gentle, loving, helps around the house (hang on, I think that's more than 5 - I better stop there). And now for my daughter.

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1.  Can handle confrontation

One thing I just cannot do is handle confrontation. I get nervous, shake, avoid the situation totally and just keep things bottled up. I want her to always be able to stand up for herself, speak her mind, have her opinions heard and do this without fear. I'm not sure how I can teach her. Maybe I'll get my son to teach us both. He doesn't have any problems.

2.  Understand that beauty comes from within

When I was a teenager, sure I read a few teen magazines and wanted to wear makeup (not very well I might add) but I didn't have any problem with body image or how I looked in a particular outfit. I was too busy playing sport. My Mum and Dad never wanted us to wear makeup and they taught us how to treat people the way you want to be treated. If you do this, people will like you no matter what you look like on the outside. So far, so good with her.

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3.  Say no to a relationship that isn't right

I'm still trying to work this one out after failed relationship after failed relationship. You think you know someone and you think it will be forever. You do everything in your power to make it work but get nothing in return. In hindsight, I heard the alarm bells ringing but didn't walk away. I want my daughter to be able to trust her instincts and never settle for something that isn't right. I'm losing faith as far as a relationship lasting forever is concerned. Maybe that might be a thing of the past when my daughter is an adult.

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4.  Never follow the crowd

Always be an individual. Never think you have to watch a particular TV program, wear a certain style, drive a certain car or go to a certain place to be cool. I've always thought I've done my own thing and never been any worse for it. It's who you are and you should always be proud of that and do and like what you want (all within the law of course).

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5.  Learn to pick up the pieces and move on

It seems every man and his dog has some sort of depression related illness these days. Some can choose to get treatment for it and turn your life around or you can live your life sad and upset all the time, bringing everyone else around you down. I hope she sees that if things aren't quite right with your mental health, to look for help in the right places and learn how to pick up the pieces and move on when things get a bit tough. There's a lot to enjoy in life, as hard as it might seem sometimes. Life doesn't always give you an easy road to walk on but you need to get over those bumps and hurdles and keep going.

Thanks Kate for the opportunity. I always wanted to write something like this on the blog for my daughter (and my son to read). I might have to write the top 10 ways on how to treat a woman right for him later on. Check out what everyone else wishes for their children at Kate Takes 5.



  1. Lovely wishes for your daughter, really enjoyed reading your post. xx

  2. I wish I could add your five to mine now. They are really excellent. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  3. you have a wonderful list. i can relate to every single one of those wishes in one way or another, for myself, for my grown daughters.

  4. Hey where did my comment go?! Defo left one before now...Anyway - I love this - beautifully written and gorgeously displayed. x


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