Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Melt'n'mix butterscotch cookies

It's great having friends in high places, that is the northern hemisphere. My dear, dear friend Megan in the States answered my call when I said that we were so unfortunate here in Australia not to have butterscotch chips. She sent me a 'care package' for my birthday with not one but two packets! I couldn't wait to rip that packet open and try one (or 100 - I can't remember - I was delirious) and I wasn't disappointed. Oh my gosh. They are just delightful. I couldn't wait to try baking with them so made up a batch of my darling friend Claire's Melt'n'Mix Choc Chip Cookies.

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Best part about this recipe is with the butter being warm, the chips melt and spread throughout the cookie. (The ones that made it into the bowl that is and not the ones I threw down my throat.) This is such a quick, easy recipe but produces a lovely crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside cookie.

Melt'n'Mix Butterscotch Cookies

3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup plain flour
185g butter - melted
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla
100gm butterscotch chips

Preheat oven to 160 deg C. Mix dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients. Mix together. Bake for approx 15 mins or until golden.
For those of you fellow Australians who aren't as lucky as me, here's an easy to follow recipe to make your own. In the meantime, Nestle or any other American manufacturer of sweet ingredients, if you read this, I'll happily take samples of all the lovely products you have to offer to use in my day to day baking.



  1. HA! Love it! I am so glad you enjoyed them. I will definitely be sending more along, or you could bring an extra suitcase next time you happen to be stateside. :)

  2. Bloody Hell! I'm on another DIET and then I read your lovely blog....
    Yummy bikkies to make. Other goodies to cook. A girl's got NO chance!
    Hope you are going OK and coping with your grief with your mum's death.
    How great it was that she lived a long life. Today we farewell a 19 yr old girl, mother of 2 who was a victim of a violent, bullying partner. She was driven to suicide by him. I'm going to get it off my chest on my blog where I am pretty anonymous.

  3. Yum Anne! I love Butterscotch and am a little sad we can't readily get the chips here (although I think I might just have to go check out USA Foods and see what is up for grabs!)

    I can almost smell them from down here!

    D x

  4. Oh my...these look delicious! I love those butterscotch chips!

  5. I can't believe they don't have them there! Crazy. What great cookies, yum!

  6. it's funny being from the states i didn't experience my first butterscotch chip cookies until maybe 3 years ago, 1 yr before moving.
    i could not believe how good these cookies were and how i managed to never have them.
    i brought several bags with me when i moved to finalnd.
    family will tuck a bag into care packages. so no, cannot get them here either and if i could they would be stupid expensive so i would not buy them anyways.
    the importers are so greedy.

    if you get a chance try the recipe on the bag for the oatmeal b.scotch cookies, they are wonderful and it really helps stretch out those chips.

  7. Just made these for my family and they were a hit. I'm in the USA so I had to do some googling to find out just how many tablespoons are in 185 grams of butter and luckily I have a food scale so I could measure out the chips! Thanks for sharing!


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