Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 ways with cauliflower

Besides being quite pretty to look at, and not really all that full of flavour, I love the humble cauliflower. When they're in season, they are really well priced and you can get quite a bit out of one. Use a quarter as a side vegetable with the evening meal, another quarter in a hearty soup, another quarter in spicy fritters and another quarter in a salad to serve as a side. That's 4 meals just out of one cauliflower. It's great to freeze and keep on standby. Cauliflower is also very low in carbohydrates and makes an excellent 'rice' substitute, a puree and, now the latest rage, is a cauliflower pizza crust. Check out these recipes for the humble cauliflower.


Spiced rice & lentils with cauliflower

cauliflower roasted fry 300x183 CAULIFLOWER ROASTED

Honey-Lemon-Glazed Cauliflower recipe

Cauliflower, chickpea, tomato and coriander curry

Potato-Cauliflower Salad



  1. We mash it like mashed potatoes. It is a really good, heathy alternative to the (not so healty) American classic.

  2. My sister make a cauliflower and alfredo sauce dish that is sooo delicious! These all look good!

  3. To think I walked past the cauliflowers at the IGA aupermarket yesterday. You've done well to make me think of cauliflower with a little more respect! lol.

  4. cooooooooool..amazing ideas

  5. Yummy recipes!! I love roasted cauliflower - SO good I could eat the whole batch!

  6. I am a big fan of the cauli. My personal fav is spicy cauli and sweet potato soup. I have also heard of it being mashed with millet as a healthier version of of mashed potato. But I do love mashed potato... xx

  7. WOW!!! I had no idea you could use Cauliflower so many ways. We love the vegetable anyway but now you have really expanded its horizons for me. I'm showing these to my husband and see which recipe he wants to start with. And Cauliflower is so good for you. Perfect for his cancer diet.

    Big Hugs Anne,


  8. Awesome! I have never done much with cauliflower, other than serve it with meat and 3 veg, or make cauliflower cheese. I am definitely going to try some of these recipes! Thanks xxx

  9. Cauliflower isn't my preferred vegetable but I have to say these dishes look terrific! I should give cauliflower a second chance, maybe... Thanks!


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