Saturday, May 12, 2012

19 things to do with plastic cutlery

When you're catering for a barbecue or birthday party, do you buy plastic cutlery to save on washing up and finish up with bags and bags of unused plastic cutlery, like me? I don't think I'll ever cater for that many people in one sitting in my life but the stores sell them for like $2 for a bag of 200. If you've got oodles of plastic cutlery lying around, check out these fantastic ideas I found on Pinterest.

Plastic spoon rose.jpg

Source: via Thomas on Pinterest
Plastic spoon rose

Source: via Lísa on Pinterest


plastic crafts


Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Plastic spoon flower brooch

Handmade Black and Red Mirror - Made from plastic spoons

Another mirror

Chandelier decor made with plastic forks, knives, and spoons.

Another chandelier

Hummingbird feeder

Plasticdragon by toge-NYC

Dragon (there's always a dragon)

Made out of melted plastic spoons...New Spoon Flower Brooches, Hair Clips, and Rings!! I love!

Source: via Amélie on Pinterest
Plastic fork ring

Plastic Fork Fans. I have made these and they are fun and beautiful.

Plastic fork fan

Garden markers

Source: via darla on Pinterest
Plastic spoon flower necklace

Another chandelier



  1. Anne....Wow what ideas. I've never seen anything like these things. The brooch and flowers and mirrors and chandeliers....well I'm just dumb founded. I'm going to their sites to check them out. I would love to see how they are done. My jaw has hit the floor.

    Have been away for several days to a ladies retreat on a ranch in Southern Idaho. Oh Anne it was just marvelous. The ranch was beautiful.
    And my friend Marilyn made all these fantastic meals. She and her husband own the ranch. This is a group of gals that I go to a scripture class with and the teacher gives a little seminar and it is all just wonderful. They do these every few years and this time I got to be invited. (They do different groups of women when they do do them) I was thrilled and had the time of my life. We all did. So relaxing and peaceful. Wish you were here and I'd had you go with me. So....I have missed alot of posts. I need to go back and catch up. A friends wedding is tonight and I'm dipping about 300 chocolate covered strawberries for it. So thats my plan this afternoon. Must run.

    Big hugs my friend.


  2. Oh Anne you share some unique and different stuff. These are all amazing, like the ring pull post you shared. Wow.

  3. I would never had thought of ANY of these, such great ideas. I love the flowers, the mirrors and the pineapple looking lampshade. Ooooh the possibilities, that's why I love Pinterest, but had never seen any of these, thanks for bringing them to my attention, I will never look at a plastic eating utensil the same again!

  4. Anne thanks for showing us these...they truly are remarkable.

  5. The flower and hummingbird feeder are ingenious~ upcycling at its finest! Thanks for sharing the inspiration :)

  6. Very cool! My favorite is the wreath! The only one of those things I've done is use plastic cutlery as garden markers.

  7. Too funny and creative ideas. Good work. I just saw a site which offers Plastic Flatware at a great price and ordered some for me.


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