Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homemade Cleaning Products

Let's face it. If you want to save some money on your weekly shopping bill, don't buy any cleaning products. I don't normally buy them but spent some time looking at them all just the other day and I was amazed at just how many there are on the market and the cost of them. They all claim to be the easiest to remove built up soap scum, clean greasy surfaces, fix hard to remove stains. You name it. I've not found one product that will do any of these things without a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.
You may as well save your money, make some of these basic all purpose cleaners with common household ingredients, like they did in our Nanna's day and you'll be a lot better off. I must admit. I do ensure that I keep a litre of homebrand bleach on hand plus a bottle of homebrand gel bleach cleanser for removing permanent marker off walls and any other surface my kids decide to draw it on.

I've been pinning these for a while from Pinterest and I'd like to share them with you. I've got a bottle of all purpose cleaner made up for all my general purpose cleaning and it's great.

Alternative Furniture Polish

Also, don't think that you need all those cleaning cloths that the manufacturer's claim will make your job so much easier and eliminate all those cleaning products. Yeah, maybe they do but houses and homes were being cleaned with old cloths way before these were invented. I save old underpants, singlets, t-shirts, towels, anything cotton. Check out some of these repurposed cleaning rags.

October2010 142

Cleaning doesn't have to cost you a lot of money, just a few basic household ingredients and a fair bit of elbow grease.

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  1. Wow so many great things out there to do it yourself. Cleaners are SO expensive and making your own sure makes sense to save cents well really dollars. And at least you know what goes in the cleaner when you do it yourself. Homemade swiffer....what a smart idea. I'd never seen that one before Love it. Thanks for another great post Anne.



  2. You know...I really should try making some of my own cleaners but most of the time I am just too lazy. I do keep a huge bottle of vinegar around for various cleaning adventures!

  3. Anne,

    Thanks for giving my orange cleaner a shout out! I'm going to try the homemade liquid dish detergent!


  4. Great post. I try to live a suistanable life too, buying eco-friendly products when possible. I found your blog through Gourmet Garden today. Congrats for making it through to the next round the 'Blog Off/Cook Off'! Good luck, I'm sure you will do great!

  5. These are very nice ideas, a little hard work saves a lot. Home made Cleaning Products are more health friendly than any other market product. Thanks for the post!


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