Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012



  1. Just beautiful Anne! Happy Mother's Day to you! I know you'll be thinking about your own Mum alot today, I wish you thoughts of peace and happiness. xx

  2. That was beautiful Anne....bought tears to my eyes with Let them be little...and sleep in the middle......Oh soooo long ago for me now.....they grow up so quickly really.
    Happy Mothers Day to you too Anne.

  3. Oh Anne this just touched my heart!! It brought so many wonderful memories to me of my own beautiful children as I watched yours. I had never heard that song before. It is SO true. They grow up SO fast....and if we could just keep them little for as long as we can. Thankyou for sharing your video and song. Its helped make my Mothers Day even more special. I love you my precious friend!

    PS Its just now Mothers Day morning here. Happy Mothers day to you Anne!

  4. My oh my Anne. That was absolutely beautiful. What a beautiful song to go with it. I am not usually into country music, but that totally had me.
    Love to you gorgeous lady. xx


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