Saturday, June 30, 2012

26 ways with empty toilet rolls

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The humble empty toilet roll. The first official crafting item our children are given at home. A wonderful, small, cardboard tube that lets your children's imagination run wild. But wait? What's this I hear that some child minding establishments and schools are abolishing the use of collecting empty toilet rolls from home for crafting? What next? Oh well. Use them at home. I'm sure there's no more germs on an empty toilet roll as there is from one of your children's kisses. Try some of these ideas I pinned from Pinterest.
toilet roll cars

toilet roll Frankenstein

Toilet roll tubes 
collect toilet roll
Giraffe puppets

Gift tubes
Christmas characters
Advent calendar
Serviette rings
Scissors holder



  1. Oh my...fake poo? I'll bet my kids would love that one.

  2. There we go again a few things added to the crafty to do list.
    I love the advent calendar idea I always intend to do one and leave it too late and am I'll prepared, this way I can start collecting and decorating as we finish a roll.
    I also love the knitting, as I like finger knitting and the idea for seedling tubes, brillant.

  3. Hi Anne,
    I kinda hopped over here via "Francesca Write Here" and I am now a new follower!

    What a great collection of ideas for loo rolls! I love it! I am a nusery nurse, and indeed they have stoppped us using loo rolls in crafts. It's ridiculous! They have soooooooooooo many uses (which you have demonstrted through this amazing list, and which I will be sure to try out with my children at home!)

    Glad to have found your blog!

  4. What fabulous ideas for the upcoming school holidays!

  5. Love the owls and cat. My kids put some in the hermit crab tank today for ramps. Hermit crab entertainment- there's a new one for your list.

  6. Love the cat and the snake! Thanks for these great ideas!! Liz

  7. I love the birds on the logs. People are just too darn clever, aren't they? Thanks for sharing this collection of idea. I enjoyed it.

  8. A fabulous collection! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas - I think we'll start with the...fake poo? :) Robin

  9. Brilliant, I love each and everyone. Toilet roll make over day, is totally going on my summer holidays activity list. Thank you very much for the ideas

  10. What an amazing collection of ideas! Those Christmas projects will be great for the school holidays in December. Thanks for finding all of these ideas and sharing your post at my Say G'day Saturday party! I'm going to +1 one this post right now!

    I know your linky party is about thriving on a budget but I was wondering if it would be ok if I link up my post about my Social Media Link up? I completely understand if you think it's not appropriate.

    Thanks again and hope the rest of the week is great for you. I'm off to find a warm spot to sit in!

  11. Tee hee hee... fake poo! Great idea with the wrapping paper... it annoys me when the roll keeps unrolling in the box.

  12. You are too funny, Anne! I see you saved the best for last. ;) Thank you for sharing my Pootorial! I can't wait to try some of these wonderful ideas. Who knew so much could be accomplished with the lowly TP roll?

    much love,


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