Friday, June 29, 2012

Easy ways to dry your clothes

If only the sky was blue and my washing was flapping in the breeze like the photo above. I wouldn't know what it's like to rely on a clothes dryer to dry your clothes all the time as I live in a pretty warm climate and even on the coldest winter day, you can get your clothes dried on the outside line.

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When my daughter was born, I couldn't wait to lovingly hang her gleaming white and pink tiny clothes and socks on the line. I would look at them and smile. When my boy came along it all came to an end. I was lucky to get the washing out of the machine with two days, let alone get it dry on the line or clothes dryer. The same still happens. I put it on in the morning, run a couple of errands, help out at school, pick the kids up from school, do homework, dinner etc and about 8pm at night I realise I've still got wet washing in the machine so in the dryer it goes.
Despite 'wasting' money on drying my clothes in the dryer, it has been a God send since I've had children and when we have a bout of wet weather (like now). According to one of the electricity suppliers in Australia, an average 5kg clothes dryer costs approximately 51 cents per hour to run. I figure if I dry one load of smalls 3 times per week, I'm only using $1.53 per week, $79.56 per year. Not all that much really. There is the harm to the environment etc etc, but for the sake of my sanity and getting clothes dry, I'll happily part with $80 a year to dry my clothes. In the summer months its less often because even if its raining, it's still warm and you can get clothes dry under shelter. Besides hanging thin rope from the rafters or draping clothes over chairs in the living room near heaters (which I know nothing about and don't approve of), here are a few other options for hanging clothes.

[Clothes drying rack]

[Indoor drying rack made from side of baby crib or playpen]
Have a good rummage around op shops, yard sales, car boot sales or salvage yards for suitable hanging material to mount either outside under cover or inside the laundry to help dry those clothes. I know I'll be stuck when the kids get bigger but while they're in smaller sizes, I'll sacrifice my $79 for the year.

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  1. I can smell the clean laundry now! :)

  2. I like drying towels outside and I've hung up a makeshift line between 2 trees. I could never do the garage door one because my clothes would end up smelling like gas, oil and paint!

  3. I find the gym equipment that costs god only knows how much that Mr bought and has used about twice over the years, is perfect for hanging washing on.

    I have two of the large clothes drying racks. I tend to wash every day and find that it's dry by the time I hang the next load out 24 hours later.

    Nothing beats sunshine on the washing though!

  4. Since I live in apartment my way of drying the laundry is to use a dryer constuction made of thin metal tubes with a lot of strings to provide enough space for all the wet clothes.

  5. Those are some creative ideas Anne! We have three racks so I can usually get two loads drying at the same time. We've tried drying clothes inside during the winter and it's just not worth it to me. I go crazy with the racks taking up space :) Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  6. Hmmm, that is great,but who really uses a dryer( I am told its an american thing) Yes we have one,but Its crazy expensive here in the NZ...

  7. I love drying my clothes outside and can't wait for the snow and slush to be gone to start again. This past winter my dryer quit working and I ended up putting clothes lines all through my basement and also have some portable mini clothes line. The only thing I really like my dryer for is socks, undershirts, some tshirts and our underwear... Otherwise even when my dryer works..I hang most things up to dry. cheaper that way. found you through 4 you with love - green day.


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