Saturday, July 21, 2012

16 ways to serve a tortilla

Those humble corn or flour Mexican flat breads known as a tortilla (tor-tee-ya) are such a great pantry or freezer standby. There's so many things you can do with them. If you've got the time, they're so easy to make yourself. This is a simple recipe but if you make your own or buy them, here's some fast and delicious ways to use them..

Photo of PB&J with SB&G Flatout Wrap
Peanut butter, strawberries, banana & granola wrap

Campbell's Stir-Fried Beef Salad in Tortilla Cups Recipe
Tortilla bowls

Tortilla soup

Easy, homemade Baked Tortilla Chips! Perfect for dips, salsa, and guacamole! |

Baked Tortilla Chips


Flautas or tacquitos

Soft tacos

Enchiladas or burritos


Hominy Quesadillas

Carrie Underwood's No-Guilt Veggie Pizza recipe
Source: via Cassie on Pinterest
Tortilla pizza

Fruit tortillas

Chicken Tortilla Stack |
Tortilla stack

Tortilla lasagna

These oven baked tostadas are a complete meal, and will have dinner on the table in just ten minutes - they are so yummy!
Source: Tostadas

Toasted wrap

Scrambled Egg Tortilla Cups
Breakfast tortilla cup



  1. Oh yum now I'm hungry, damn hungry.
    Love tortillas, and they are so cheap and easy to make from scratch and chuck in he freezer. Heck we're due to do a batch.

  2. Those fruit tacos look amazing - I would never have thought to put that in a tortilla!

  3. Oooh, I do love some tacquitos! Yum. xx

  4. I love all of those! I recently wanted to make myself a bbq chicken pizza on a tortilla shell. I made the bbq chicken but when I went to get the tortillas, my family had eaten all of them! :( They like to put shredded cheese on them and melt it in the microwave!

  5. Great ideas....I never thought to make fruit tortillas/tacos! You always find the most inspirational and yummy eats!


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