Saturday, July 7, 2012

25 ways with bottle tops & plastic caps

Bottle top coffee top
Coffee table

Back when I was a little girl (in the olden days as my 7 year old daughter reminds me), there wasn't as much around to be recycled. Milk was delivered in a glass bottle and they were cleaned and put out again to be refilled. Other things were in glass or only bought in bulk and those products came in paper or fabric packaging. Now there are so many little things. Plastic, metal, some materials I don't even know the name of. I tend to just throw them in my recycle bin but there's so many novel ways to use them. I hope you enjoy my Saturday series of looking at different ways to use common objects found around the house. You can check out some of the past posts here.

Bottle Top Animals
Bottle cap animals

Bottle Top Stamps

Bottle top animals

Bottle Top Snake
Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Bottle top coasters

Source: via Trudi on Pinterest

bottle top spider

Bottle top light
Source: via Kim on Pinterest
Light shade

Bottle Top Earrings
Source: via The on Pinterest

bottle top basket


bottle tops! amazing
Bottle top flowers

bottle tops
Fish art

Bottle Tops Off
Bottle top bangles

recycle bottle tops

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Bottle tops
Ummm, I don't know about this one. Too much?

Penguin and fish bottle caps

bottle tops backsplash
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Back splash

Bottle cap spinning tops
Spinning caps

yard art made from bottle tops
Bottle top flowers for the garden

basket 2 make from bottle tops
Source: via Patricia on Pinterest
Bottle top basket

made out of bottle tops
Bottle top dress

canvas checkerboard w/ pop bottle tops




  1. Very fun ideas! I don't have many of the bottle tops but we do have the plastic caps. I think the stamps are a great idea for the plastic caps!

  2. I just love these posts! Such cool things you find - that dress is amazing!

  3. Oh wow! Some of these are just genius! I love the table top and the wire basket covered with all the colorful bottletops. Fun post, Anne!

  4. Ta for showing these great ideas! Such a fab array of things to do with bottle tops. Great Post!

  5. wow - so creative. we'll have to try the stamps idea! linking from naptime review...

  6. OH WOW! LOVE this post. Gives me great ideas for craft time at school. Thank you so much for sharing. The turle is just too cute.

    I am your newest GFC follower from the Blog Hop.


  7. Anne, these are all such amazing projects (I am partial to the bottle cap planter). If I were to start collecting bottle caps my husband would go crazy! :)

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