Monday, July 9, 2012

Children and crabs

F1772 B140 - Plastic Hermit Crab, 4 3/4 inches wide

I'm not sure if other kids are like this but sometimes my kids are just goofy. It's been a long time since I was one but I don't remember actually being scared of pictures of things or inanimate objects.

Growing up at my Mum and Dad's house, our toilet was underneath the house and if we had to go to the toilet at night time, there'd always be one toad right near the doorway. I was always terrified. I'd always prefer to hold on rather than go anywhere near that toad. If I saw a picture of a toad, big deal. If I saw a dead, flattened one on the road, same thing. Big deal. Just the live ones terrified me.

I've got a beautiful I-Spy quilt and there is a piece of fabric with a spider on it. If my son sees it, he has a minor breakdown and won't have the quilt anywhere near him. There was a board book of animals that my daughter loved when she was a toddler but my son made me put it high on the bookcase, out of sight, because of the insects in it.

My sister decided last Christmas to give my children a gift from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). A donation on behalf of my kids and they both received a lovely tub of stuffed toys. One was monkey themed, the other was an under the sea theme featuring endangered animals. The poor hermit crab has been banished to my wardrobe, out of sight because it terrifies my kids. I know we're all afraid of things but this is just a little bit crazy. I think it looks really cute. What do you think?

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  1. Hello my sweet friend! Its so good to be back! Thanks so much for your kind and caring comments about the fire. Its over the mountain but 75% contained. It sure was scary while it was happening.

    I feel for the kids about fears of insects etc. Even on quilts and stuffed animals. And I know they frighten adults as well as children. Snakes are another thing. Yuk! I think you're wise in putting things away until they are older and understand better. Give a big hug to your two cuties for me!!

    Luv u my friend!


  2. Isn't it strange the quirks kids develop?!

    My son doesnt like monkeys... and disappears like lightning if a gorilla appears on TV... And in children's cartoons, they seem to pop up quite regularly...Foxes seem to have the same effect?????

    P.S. I think the hermit crab is quite cute too!

  3. Lol ... kids are funny things!

  4. Kids are cute :) Thanks for the follow, following you back, I look forward to your future posts!

  5. It's those googly eyes! :) I personally think it's very cute though.
    Dropping in from Nee Sayer's Monday Minutia

  6. I think he's very cute!! My kids aren't scared of much living or dead. Will is the more cautious of the two but it's mainly about risk to himself -eg. heights. Mind you growing up with the menagerie here & at my parents farm, they've seen it all from a pretty young age!

  7. That pic of a toad did make me squirm a little, can't stand the things but squashed on the road is not scary at all :D Kids really are funny to be scared of an inanimate object, a crab at that!

  8. He's an adorable little crabby. You never know with kids; their imaginations run wild. Zoe will scream bloody murder and run out of the bathroom pants around the ankles if she sees a little bug. Poor thing.


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