Sunday, August 26, 2012

A smart phone for a not-so-smart user

So my mobile phone (cell phone) came out of its contract a couple weeks ago and I thought I'd jump on the smart phone bandwagon and get myself one. I mean, how hard can it be? I've seen people using them for a few years now. Arms fully extended, taking 'selfies' of themselves in front of all sorts of back drops. Taking pictures of their feet, cups of coffee, kids doing goofy things (oh, hang on - that's been done by people with all sorts of phones and cameras for decades), their handbags, their plates of food, their evening drinks etc etc. They've been 'pinching' the screen on these phones doing who knows what. Really, how hard can it be?

So, after a bit of asking around in a couple different stores, getting the low down on the different phones, explanations on the differences between iphones, androids, gingerbread, ice cream, blah blah blah, I took this phone home to get started.
Much to my horror there was no user manual in the box. That's okay. This should be easy enough to work out. Yeah right! I followed the start up guide to get it charged and turned on but that was it. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I was flabberghasted and went and had a little cry in my room. After an hour or so, I returned to give it another go and then couldn't find the damn phone. I tipped the whole room upside down to find this thing. I even asked the kids if they had taken it but no. No one had seen it. I was beside myself. After a couple hours, I remembered I had put it out of arm's reach, away from the kids.

So after my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son gave me the run down on how to take pictures and movies, use Google and the other basic functions, I finally got the hang of it. Finding how to set things up and learning the new lingo will take a bit longer but I've worked out how to use Instagram when I'm out and not just on the home wifi and taking pictures then tweeting about it. The phone has only rung twice and each time I stumbled a little to get the call answered but I'll get there. I'll probably just begin to master it and the next new thing will be out. At least I'll have my kids to teach me!



  1. What will mums do without the smart kids eh?! BTW, been reading your blogs for a while now and always find it inspiring:)

  2. Oh I am so with you!! When my husband goes away I used to get my 4 year old to sort the DVD player before he went to bed, so I could watch something. Sigh.

  3. You'll get the hang of it, and one day, in the not too distant future, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Enjoy!

  4. No worries, Anne, You'll get it ,and when you do, could you call me and explain it?

  5. Even my three year old "taught" me a few tricks. He would play with it and end up saving an image to my camera roll or locked it so the screen orientation doesn't flip when you move it. Totally unintentional but things I'm glad I know how to do.

    I miss owners manuals, I used to like reading about all the features and then playing with my new electronic toy. Web links aren't the same.

    New follower from the Mommy Brain Mixer

  6. ahahha!! I love that your kids educated you....coz that's exactly what my kid did for my new mobile...and it wasn't even a smart phone!! :))

  7. I love my smart phone. A little TOO much perhaps. I took to it like a duck to water, and found it amazing how smart they really are when I first got one. I remember plugging in my Google info (I got an Android) and finding ALL my google data just linking up automatically. Clever, clever stuff. Scary clever!

  8. Haha, awesome! I have not gotten a smartphone yet either, mainly because I don't want anyone to be able to email me at any time. (Call me; after all, it IS a phone!) However, when my contract expires next year, I'm thinking I might cave, mainly because I really want to use Instagram. It's so hard to want to use the cool features without getting wrapped into all the rest of the nonsense.


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