Saturday, September 29, 2012

18 things to do with compact discs

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

With just about everyone downloading music online, what does everyone do with their CDs? How about all those scratched DVDs? I know I have many. I never let the kids operate any of the appliances in the house for so long and then I find out they were quite adept at doing it but they just didn't take as much care with the disc. Oh well. I'll have plenty of uses for them with these projects I found on Pinterest.

Craft pig
CD hovercraft
Elephant craft
Frog craft
Campfire craft
Animal photo frames
Fish craft
Source: via Hope on Pinterest
Dog craft
Cupcake stand
Christmas ornaments
Earring holder
Chinese drum craft
Source: via Tracy on Pinterest
Angry bird fridge magnets
CD cloth bowl
Use as mosaic tiles for any number of projects



  1. Oh I do like the fish craft one for the kids.

  2. the angry birds one is so cute, and the Christmas ornaments.

  3. Love the mosaic idea, So clever! Christmas decorations seems doable, in fact they all are. Great finds!!

  4. I would name your blog the dreamland! While Santa knocks at our door just once per year, you blog is open the whole year – wow!

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