Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas at the Oxfam Shop

I just happened to be at one of my favourite shopping malls when I had my routine cup of coffee at my favourite cafe right across from one of my favourite stores, the Oxfam Shop. I was drawn in by the beautiful supply of Christmas stock and just had to share some of my favourites. The goods are available online all for reasonable prices in my opinion. They're original in design, most items are made from recycled or natural materials and profits are being returned to communities all over the world. In certain parts of Victoria in Australia you can also buy a real Christmas Tree for $69. Here's some of the cute things that caught my eye.
Polished aluminium reindeer candle holder @ $14.95
Owl terracotta planter @ $16.95
6 worry dolls in a box @ $4.95
Set of 2 wooden painted bird decorations @ $9.95
Recycled candy wrap angel decoration @ $4.95
3 wise owl felt/cotton decorations @ $14.95
JOY votive candle holders @ $14.95
Coconut fibre sitting reindeer @ $19.95
Hand embroidered cotton advent calendar @ $39.95
Notebook with buttons cover @ $12.95
They have a great range of gift cards, wraps, a Christmas Card Creator and many other decorations, toys, homewares and chocolate. They have chocolate! Check out for online shopping or find a store near you.
This is not a sponsored post. I just really love the products and the store.



  1. Looks like a great store! I love that button notebook! I should make some of those to give for Christmas gifts.

  2. I love the little angels and the button notebooks. I've been hunting high and low for an angel to put ontop of the tree this year but it seems they've gone out of fashion! It's stars, stars, stars!

    Thinking I might make my own (with Olive's help). I've certainly got a large enough stash of paper doilies!
    D x

  3. Oxfam do have really gorgeous stuff. We have also purchased the charity gifts through them too - last year I gave my father in law a goat and my sister in law got a duck! It's a great way to give at Christmas. xx

  4. Anne, you have found some amazing goodies...I love the button notebook!


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