Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Baking & Gifts by Jean Paré

I don't have many Christmas cookbooks but there's one I just picked up that I believe no home should be without. My next door neighbour told me about it. It was on sale for $16 from one of our large department store chains (the one with the 'W') so I grabbed it.

I know I google a lot, pin a lot of ideas on Pinterest and see other fantastic ideas on other people's blogs but this book by acclaimed Canadian cookbook writer Jean Paré combines "Christmas Gift Ideas" and "Classic Recipes".

There are heaps of examples on wrapping gifts, what to put in the gift packs, ideas for presents for just about everyone from your children, to your neighbours, foodie friends and teacher's gifts.

And then there's the recipes. Easy entertaining ideas, heaps of delightful baking recipes and a quite a few cookie recipes I've got my eye on for teacher's gifts. If you're looking for a nice Christmas cookbook with more than a few recipes and ideas, look out for books by Jean Paré. It might be the only one you need.



  1. I take after my mom and I love cookbooks. Even if I never use the recipes, I love reading cookbooks. I'll have to see if this one is available here.

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