Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My top 5 driving songs (at the moment)

I got thinking the other day when I read a comment on Facebook by the lovely Jacqui from CRAP Mamma (that's Creative Relaxed Approach Parenting) who said she felt automatically uplifted when she was belting out a song she heard on the car radio.

I'm not in the car for very long periods but whenever I'm alone, that is no children with me, I find no greater joy then to turn the music up. I love all sorts of music but am going through a bit of a dance craze, modern music resurgence. I'll still rock it out to my old favourites but the music for today's younger generation keeps me motivated and uplifted. Here's my current top 5 of what I like to turn up REAL loud and thump the steering wheel REAL hard.

1. "Underworld" - Born Slippy

2. "I Love It" - Icona Pop

3. "Bangarang" - Skrillex

4. "Run Alone" - 360

5. "Rock'n'Roll" - Led Zepplin (for old time's sake)

What do you listen to in the car when you're on your own? What makes you feel uplifted when you're without the kiddos, turned up REAL loud?



  1. Oh dear, I do not recognise a single song on your list! I tend to turn up hoppy songs like owl city and pink and 80s classics on 97.3. I'm just a big dag at heart.

  2. I pretty much only listen to public radio - so lame, right? I think a little dance party is needed, stat


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