Monday, November 19, 2012

One salmon portion, four ways

I love salmon. I love the flavour, the colour, the smell. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive and out of reach for most people's weekly shopping lists. At nearly $30 per kilo, that's very expensvie, but you can stretch one portion out which will cost you about $10. Spread out over a couple meals, that works out to be quite reasonable.

These are all individual meals but one portion could quite easily feed 2 adults in one meal. According to the Better Health Channel, the average female needs about .75g/kg of protein per day and the average male about .84g/kg per day. For example, a 75kg adult male would need about 63g of protein per day. On average those large pieces of salmon fillet are about 200-300g so would contain approximately 30gm of protein, quite easily enough protein allowance in one sitting for two adults and 2 children. It might not seem like much meat in the dish but it actually is.

I cut the fillet down the centre giving four portions. The two larger portions I kept aside for other meals. The two smaller 'end' pieces were used for my lunch. One of the halves of the large pieces I cut I used for the children's dinner that night just pan frying small pieces and serving with vegies.

For my first meal, I diced the salmon and quickly fried in a little butter, lemon juice, seasoned with salt and pepper and made a Salmon and Cucumber salad (lettuce leaves and sliced cucumber) with Yoghurt Dill dresssing (Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, garlic, dill).

Warm Salmon Salad with Cucumber and a Yoghurt Dill dressing

One of the fillets I set aside earlier, I cut in half horizontally and made a Honey Chilli glazed Salmon Fillet served on a bed of Asian noodle salad. This was just a teaspoon of honey and chilli mixed together and spread on the salmon once cooked. The noodles were just the 2 minute noodles mixed through some grated carrot, shredded red cabbage and green onions with soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce poured over.

The last piece of salmon I had for dinner the next night and I served that up with pasta, fresh asparagus and a yoghurt cream sauce. I didn't get a picture of it but this was an asparagus pasta dish I cooked some time ago but just never got around to blogging about it. It was basically steamed asparagus mixed with the lightly pan fried chopped salmon, crushed garlic, salt and pepper and stir through cooked pasta. Add a good dollop of Greek yoghurt which acts as the sauce to bind it all together.

Just imagine pieces of salmon poking out through the pasta
You don't need to eat salmon for the next 2 days but you could cut the salmon up and freeze individually.

So, out of one $11 piece of salmon, I got four dishes.

1.  Salmon & Cucumber Salad with Yoghurt Dill Dressing
2.  Honey & Chilli glazed Salmon served on a bed of stir fried vegies and noodles
3.  Cubed Salmon and vegies for the kids
4.  Salmon and Fresh Asparagus Pasta in creamy yoghurt sauce

For 2 adults you could get either 2 serves of the honey & chilli glazed salmon and one serve of the cubed salmon and vegies for the kids or a large serve of the Salmon and Asparagus Pasta for a family of four. Whichever way, fresh salmon fillets might be an affordable luxury for everyone.



  1. Salmon is my food obsession right now. YUM thanks for some more inspiration :)

  2. I love salmon so much. Great informative post!
    Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Love the recipes, yum! But you've fallen for the common trap of assuming that a 200g piece of salmon contains 200g of protein. There's only about 31g of protein, give or take, in that portion. The rest of the weight is fat, water, vitamins, minerals, and some undigestible stuff. An average serve of chicken would contain about 18g, a piece of steak 22g and an egg about 6-7g (these obviously depend on size).

    The generally accepted amount of protein required is usually 0.8 to 1.0g per kg for sedentary adults, which is a little higher than the Better Health Channel's number. And athletes and very physically active people need more again. The AIS has all the stats here:

    Personally, I aim for 50-60g of protein a day, so that big chunk of salmon would be half of my daily requirements. :)

  4. What great ways to stretch the salmon. I LOVE all fish and seafood and it is expensive. I never thought to cube salmon ahead of time, saute it and then create a salad with it! Genius. I usually cook the filet whole and then cut it up once it's in the salad.


  5. I eat Salmon twice a week and your ideas
    are a big help to get some new ways to
    cook it...(it's good for my heart)
    thanks so much for sharing
    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Those all look so good! I love salmon but I've never made it myself!

  7. Those all look great, especially the salad! I will have to show this to my husband. We love salmon too, and even the kids will usually eat it. Also, your blog header is so cute!

  8. Just like you Anne, I LOVE salmon! Prepared any way! But it is always wonderful when I find more ways to prepare this delicious fish! Thank you for sharing with us! I hope that you are doing well in Australia!!!!!!!

    Big hugs,

  9. They all look delicious, but the Salmon Salad is my favorite :)


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