Sunday, November 25, 2012

The birthday boy turns 6

Today my little baby boy, B, turned 6. It was around 4:30am, 6 years ago that he was born, three weeks earlier than he should have. Some might say I have my work cut out for me with both of my children born in November and yes, it does get a bit hectic but I've found its best to get both parties out of the way. As they get older, the birthday parties seem easier to organise and the kids make their own fun.

We've had dinosaurs, Lightning McQueen (about 3 times) and this year all he wanted was Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. A bit hard when the show isn't even on TV here in Australia nor are the toys available in the shops, that is until I was googling the image to do crazy things like cut out the logo in fondant icing and all sorts of craziness when I saw that a chain of toy stores here in Australia had one of the toy sets for Battle Force 5 in their store! I tried purchasing them from the US on ebay but no ebay sellers would ship to Australia.

And as far as the cake goes, I was hoping to get a Battle Force 5 image printed by my local cake decorating store but he no longer prints licensed images so I printed it on my printer, laminated and just stuck it on. My little boy loved it and I got off 'scott free' from crazy fondant cake decorating.

It was a lovely warm day. All of the kids had great fun after a game of 'pass the parcel' and 'musical statues'. Food was simple with lollies, sandwiches, sausage rolls and mini hot dogs, juice and water. After a play with his toys, we got an ice cream and had a play on the swings down by the bay and returned home for toasted sandwiches, a bath and bed.

And after everyone was tucked in, swimming items were labelled for school swimming this week, dinner dishes cleared, there was the job of icing 30 cupcakes for school. In honour of them swimming this week, I piped a small ring of blue icing on the cupcake, topped with a fruit jelly ring and inserted a "Koala & Friends" cookie. I may not have gone all out with themes and big birthday parties this year but I think the same memories were created.



  1. What a beautiful Birthday...such warmth and fun in this post! I love that you laminated the pic for the cake...i did that too when i had to create a 'Twilight' themed cake for my teen a few years ago...not very good with vampires but the laminated pic came through...lot less effort too!
    Your teddy cakes are so cute, might give them a try, think the twins would love them as a treat! Happy Birthday little man!

  2. What a wonderful celebration you put together. 6 is definitely a magical age..both for mom and child!

  3. awww Happy birthday to your boy hun - what a totally rocking cake and a brilliant idea to laminate the piccie. :) xx

  4. What a lovely birthday he had! That cake is so clever, great idea to laminate it xxx


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