Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 "wrap up"

Well, that's Christmas for another year and like I say, every year, there's more fun in the lead up to Christmas than the actual day. That 'fun' starts earlier and earlier each year and by the time the actual day has come and gone one might be left feeling a little down. I always find the lead up quite hectic because it always coincides with the kid's birthdays and end of school breakup and I haven't quite worked out how to make that stress free yet. I thought I had done a good job of that this year but it seemed still quite stressful.

There was the kid's school Christmas concert (my son's first one). We were all extremely proud of him as he had major meltdowns how he was in no way going to perform in the Christmas concert.

There were gifts for class mates and teachers. First time since the kids were at Kindergarten there was no baking. I just didn't want to over stress myself and gave the teachers flavoured coffee sachets and chocolates. My daughter's friends got the Grinch pills (green apple Tic Tacs, idea from here) and my son's a chocolate Santa stuck in a card.

The day after school finished, myself, the 2 dogs and the 2 kids were bundled up in the car and we headed 3 hours north to Rainbow Beach. It was a little stressful getting there, just making sure the kids were kept occupied and not fighting and the dogs didn't need to go the 'bathroom' but we got there in the end and relaxed while we were there.

Those couple weeks before Christmas were busy with some other 'stuff', a few appointments here and there and a bit of this.

Packet mix Gingerbread Men (part of a Christmas hamper gift from a lovely neighbour).

Christmas Rocky Road (mint flavoured chocolate, raspberry lollies, mint leaves, red and green M&M's, marshmallows and peanuts.

DIY Authentic Santa Sacks (which were well received by the kids and daughter says "we can use them again next year!" Good girl!)

Frozen Mango & Macadamia Trifle (layers of fresh mango infused vanilla ice cream, sponge and topped with roasted macadamias)

Roasted Pumpkin Salad (simple and easy and very tasty - recipe here)

Salted Peanut Chocolate Toffee Clusters (Melt 1/2 cup sugar, stir in 1 1/2 cups peanuts, stir quickly, allow to set, sprinkle with salt, separate, stir through 200gm melted chocolate and spoon into small cupcake papers. Once set, remove if desired.)

We avoided the shops at all costs, except to get a roast chicken on Christmas Eve. The kids loved all their presents. They enjoyed Christmas morning with their Dad here at home. We then went onto my sister's after she finished her shift at hospital and stayed the night. Boxing Day was quiet while we minded her pet dogs until she got home and then we returned home to our mess. I'm taking it easy getting everything tidy again. We've had enough of rushing around since November and are just enjoying not having to be anywhere by any particular time.

My uncle informed me that it's Christmas at his house next year so maybe back to the good old days I remember having huge Christmas dinners with a large house/yard full of people and children, something my kids haven't really experienced. I'm sure they still enjoy Christmas Day nonetheless. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas.



  1. Hi Anne,
    I hope you are getting a chance to relax. Today is my first day of not cooking and cleaning... Now this is Christmas.
    Happy New Year to you,

  2. I think we will have to accept that no matter what there will be little moments of stress associated with Christmas. I am sure from our kids points of view they are perfect in every way. :) Merry Christmas

  3. Anne, that frozen trifle looks the business. And I love the Santa sacks! Looks like you all had a lovely day x

  4. Looks like a wonderful time was had....happy 2013 to you xx

  5. I totally agree that the lead up to Christmas is usually more fun than the actual day! It's over so fast and then the kids are like, don't we have more gifts?? Um, no. :) Oh, and those peanut chocolate clusters are totally calling me name!

  6. Another one bites the dust! Bless your little daughter's cotton socks and her future frugality showing with those Santa sacks! My oh my, that mango and macadamia trifle is quite possibly the only trifle that I've ever been tempted by. Merry Christmas Anne, hope you enjoy your New Year!

  7. That trifle looks divine! Recipe please Anne :-) And thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday!


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