Friday, January 4, 2013

Make pancakes out of cake box mix

I've probably made a rod for my own back. These lazy starts to the day while we've been on school holidays. Late breakfasts, making the kids pancakes and adding bananas and cinnamon, chocolate chips, you name it, have spoilt them. This morning's order came through for pancakes again and I said "oh, alright" (twist my arm they did) until I realised I was out of flour.

That doesn't normally happen but because I haven't baked for so long I didn't realise I was getting low and didn't top up my supply. I'd seen recipes online before for pancakes made out of cake box mix but never bothered because, you know, I always had flour. My lovely neighbour gave me a hamper for Christmas and in it was one of those 'Confetti' type cake mixes. This would score me some major 'brownie points' with the kids.

It's going to be hard to come up with an exact recipe because all those cake mixes have different recipes. I could never really understand some of them. Some say to add 2-3 eggs, milk, melted butter etc. Why not just use normal flour instead of forking out $4 to $5 on a cake mix? You know me. The only time I use them usually is for the kid's birthday cakes and I only buy the homebrand mixes for 70 cents which you add 1 egg and 3/4 cup of milk to.

The secret would be to make the cake mix as per the directions on the box and add extra liquid, that is usually milk. I think the consistency should be that of a thick yoghurt or cream. Make as you would normal pancakes, waiting for bubbles to appear before turning.

The fussy one was apprehensive at first only because there were 'sprinkles' in the pancakes (for heaven sake) but she eventually polished off about 9. The hungry boy had heaps, smothered in strawberry jam or Nutella. A good one to remember should I run out of flour again.



  1. Oh my- that just sounds (and LOOKS) heavenly.. yuuuuum

  2. i've been pretty disappointed with the cake mix pancakes i've tried in the past; maybe because they taste too much like cake and not enough pan? i looove the confetti cake mixes though. {i usually stock up on them when they are only $.25!}

  3. This is fun to make and looks yummy!

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  4. i'm a total sucker for pancakes with choc chips or banana with nutella. Love me some sweets for breakfast! And we're doing the same thing here while school is out - everything is so lazy, I love it :)

  5. LOL! they say necessity is the mother of invention and here you've proved it Anne! No cake mixes in my pantry but there is a Zumbo Macaron Mix - I wonder what I could substitute that for?
    Enjoy your lazy holiday breakfasts Anne! School starts before we know it!
    D x

  6. I was a little shocked to see a picture of a boxed cake mix on your blog ;) but then when I read that it was part of a gift it made sense! LOL! My kids would be so happy if I made these pancakes for them. Maybe I will try it on Zack's birthday!


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